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Condemning & Confronting Terrorism

Condemning & Confronting Terrorism

A 90 minute panel discussion concerning Bill C 51

On Saturday, March 14th, from 1:45-3:30pm

at Falconridge/Castleridge Community Association
95 Falshire Drive N.E., Calgary

Hosted by:
Al-Hedaya Islamic Centre

 What will be discussed?

  • What is Bill C 51?
  • Why are politicians speaking for or against C 51?
  • C51 & free speech?
  • Could C 51 affect due process?
  • C 51 – Civil liberties and rights?
  • C 51 & Islamophobia
  • C51 & spying
  • C51 and discrimination
  • C51 and its impact on Canadian Society

Click here for more information or to Register today!

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