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The Ilm Intensive team consists of a group of young Islamic scholars and enthusiastic volunteers – all with a common goal of bridging the gap between information and knowledge in a classroom style atmosphere.

Although there is an abundant amount of information available, the Ilm Intensive courses cover and answer topics of great relevance in the daily lives of today’s Muslim through referencing traditional scholarship validated by Prophetic legacy. The students of the Ilm Intensive courses leave with indepth Ilm (knowledge) that they can use to better perfect their deen.

Some of the subjects covered are:

  • Tahara – Essentials of Purification
  • The physical characteristics and mannerisms of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  • Islamic mannerisms and ettiquette
  • Marriage in Islam and the fiqh of intimacy, contraception and abortion

Some of the past course instructors include:

  • Shaykh Hasan¬†Abdullah
  • Mufti Meraj Iqbal
  • Shaykh Waqas Khawaja
  • Shaykh Umer Farooq
  • Mufti Abdul Mannan
  • Shaykh Fayaz Tilly
  • and more ….

For more information about future Ilm Intensive programs or if you would like to host an Ilm Intensive in your community & organization and/or donate towards Weekend Ilm Intensives, please contact us today.

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